CAROA-NAECC-2018-GatheringApril 26, 2018

St. Hildegard professed members'  Judith Liro, and  Virginia Marie Rincon  recently attended the CAROA-NAECC conference in Toronto Canada. We worshipped, experienced the profoundness of silence, gathered in fellowship and attended a lecture on the use of social media in our communities. Our community, St. Hildegard shared the Mass of Mary Magdala in song with the various religious communities in the beautiful chapel of St. John the Divine Convent. Sister Judith sung the mass and sister Virginia Marie offered the ceremony of the Four Directions as the opening prayer. Sister Greta  Ronningen co-founder of The Community of…

Servant Leadership School Fall Class

Hildegard’s Way September 14-October 12, 2017 Thursdays/afternoon and evening classes Afternoon 4:00 pm -7:15 p.m. Evening 6:15-9:00 pm We nurture community when both classes share dinner and worship from 6:15-7:15 p.m. Hildegard’s Way is an invitation to discover and embody viriditas—the greening power of love capable of transforming our own lives, the church and the world. How will we wake up and do what makes us come alive? St. Hildegard’s Rule of Life names ten themes that point the way to a Hildegardian spiritual path: Honor the Holy Healing Earth Make Peace with Nonviolence Create…

Community vows

Please save the date. Bishop Marc Andrus and his wife, Sheila, will be with us on Sunday afternoon, June 25th when seven of us will take vows. The liturgy will be at our usual time 4:00 Silence, 4:30 Eucharist. It’s an important day as we launch St. Hildegard’s Community in its new form. We hope that our friends and families will join us for this significant step in our ongoing life.

An intentional faith community

St. Hildegard’s is a transformative community, a place to live into our baptism with accountability and encouragement. St. Hildegard’s is an alternative way of being church, intentionally small so that gifts can be called forth and a vision embodied. St. Hildegard’s is a community where we practice the disciplines that nourish the radical freedom of the Gospel. All disciplines shall be freely chosen when there is a readiness and yearning within for the gift that is offered.